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Comprehensive Services for Your Horse’s Optimal Health & Performance

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For expert, compassionate care of your horses, choose Redwood Equine Veterinary Services, LLC. We work with equine and their owners throughout Medford, OR, and Jackson and Josephine counties. Our team truly loves horses and takes pride in helping horses feel and perform their best. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to provide comprehensive equine care.

Promoting Equine Health, Happiness & Performance


Equine Reproduction

Dr. Mason and her team provide clients with breeding services for their equine. We instruct you on reproductive-management techniques that will produce the desired results while keeping your horses safe and healthy. We also provide services for mares throughout pregnancy to ensure the health of both the mare and the foal.

Sports Medicine

If your horse has been injured, we offer a wide range of services to treat the injury and return your equine to top performance. Techniques can include laser therapy, joint injections, taping, and more, in order to reduce pain and inflammation and encourage total recovery.

Laser Therapy

We utilize a CE therapy laser in order to treat a wide range of equine conditions and injuries that cause lameness. These include arthritis, back problems, wounds, tendon injuries, and more. The laser helps to stimulate healing and repair processes in the tissue in order to decrease pain and inflammation. Laser therapy is a comfortable, painless procedure.


Equine dental problems can lead to issues with properly chewing and digesting food, which can affect your horse’s health and performance. Plus, bacteria caused by gum disease can lead to other health complications. Our team examines and cleans your horse’s teeth and performs routine extractions when necessary.

Emergency Services

We understand that when your horse is very ill or has suffered a severe injury, transporting them to our clinic is not possible. That’s why we come to you, performing ambulatory services to ensure your equine is able to receive the emergency care he or she needs. We perform surgical procedures, prescribe medicine, and more in order to return your horse to optimum health and performance.


By utilizing state-of-the-art digital radiography and ultrasound, we are able to detect developing health issues that are impossible to determine during a visual exam. We use the results to create a treatment plan that best addresses your horse’s health needs.
For more information about the services we provide, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 541-773-2180. We look forward to working with you and your equine!


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